Renovations at the Museum: 
Our transformation has begun!


Join us in this exciting next chapter for the Waukesha County Museum – work has begun to renovate and preserve our historic courthouse complex. Our exhibits and collection have been safely stored, and we look forward to unveiling our new museum space.


Interested in learning more? Contact us:

Office hours (M-F 9:00-4:30)
262-521-2859 / info@wchsm.org


Education Outreach Programming


The Waukesha County Museum has been proud to bring educational experiences to students of all ages for many years. During our time of museum renovation, we are very excited to continue offering educational outreach programs right to your school, daycare, church, homeschool and adult groups.

The museum has two wonderful volunteer docents interested in educating your students.  They are available on a limited basis,  but all it takes is a phone call to inquire about subject matter that can be covered, as well as dates and times for them to come visit your students.

We offer a wide range of themes, including:

Les Paul: Wizard of Waukesha         Civil War / Underground Railroad

Immigration/ Native American History

Fur Trading          Pioneer / Early Settlers

One Room Schoolhouse      Victorian Life in the Springs Era

Please contact the Education Department at 262-521-2859, ext 224

E-mail info@wchsm.org

Discovery Boxes have returned!


Check out the Education Tab for more information on how to get one of these great learning tools in the hands of your students!

The Jean Penn Loerke Memorial Fund

The Jean Penn Loerke Memorial Fund

The Jean Penn Loerke Memorial Fund, started by Pete Loerke, is in honor of the Wisconsin Historian and long time Waukesha County Museum Director’s remarkable career.  Please visit the Facebook page to view updates on the fund.  All proceeds from the fund go to The Waukesha County Museum where Jean Penn Loerke worked from 1972-1990.
Additional information about the fund can be found on Facebook.

To make a donation to the fund, please contact the museum directly at 262-521-2859

The Waukesha County Historical Society & Museum thanks Pete Loerke!

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