Outreach Programs


WCHSM offers educational outreach programs directly to your school, daycare, church, home school, and adult groups. And the best part?

We come to YOU!

45-60 minute presentations are $75.00 (+$25.00 outside of Waukesha County).

Thanks to tremendous interest we are booked through January 2018. Openings for programs begin in February 2018.

We offer a wide range of themes, including:


Les Paul: Wizard of Waukesha           Civil War / Underground Railroad

Native American History & Fur Trading     

Pioneer / Early Settlers

        One Room Schoolhouse           Victorian Life in the Springs Era


Contact the Waukesha County Museum Education Department
Phone: 262-521-2859, ext 224 / Email: info@wchsm.org



Updated 06/2017