Waukesha County Museum Collections


For more than 100 years the Waukesha County Museum has dedicated itself to preserving and sharing the county’s cultural heritage. Encompassed in its collection are over 18,000 objects, 250,000 images, millions of archival materials, and innumerable stories that make up the community of Waukesha County.

The historical society began collecting with a donation from John H. A. Lacher, founder and first custodian of the collection. The first object was a 20th century Eastlake style desk, and represents a line of collecting that has been uninterrupted ever since. Today the collection consists of everything from delicate Civil War diaries and letters to bottles from the world famous Bethesda Spring.

WCHSM’s collection is filled with materials that are tangible witnesses to our past and are essential in meeting the museum’s mission. Through its preservation efforts WCHSM hopes to continue this tradition for generations to come.

If you have an object you think would meet our mission to preserve Waukesha County history please contact our curator: